Thursday, April 19, 2007

Establishing a core

At this time, I would like to propose the development of a No Ma'am executive. I think the goal should be to allow any testosteronic individual access to this club, but to have the executive comprise only married individuals. The current core of Ryan and myself fit that description, and we will act as ranking members. I'm not sure exactly what we will need, but others are welcome to apply. Chad and Owen come to mind.

I am in the process of downloading episodes of Married with Children that have a No Ma'am theme, which will be required viewing for our core executive to help develop a direction and a constitution. At that time we can discuss a membership drive, fundraising activities, clothing and other paraphernalia, and, of course, wife swapping. I kid.

Look for events to get underway in early May, 2007. Long live Bundy.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Welcome to No Ma'am

Welcome, men!

Today, the Saskatchewan Chapter of No Ma'am was officially born over a greasy Costco lunch between Ryan, Brad, and myself. In its early stages, this organization has yet to adopt a constitution, though I can assure you, we will stay true to the No Ma'am ideology and practices, namely drinking in a garage and ranting about women.

I have already have big plans for No Ma'am this summer, including a fundraiser megaparty (that needs to be hush hush due to wifing interference). We will be accepting memberships in the near future and look here for upcoming events.

For those unfamiliar with No Ma'am, it originated out of the genius of Al Bundy, Polk High hero. You can find more information on wikipedia here.

Chapter President,